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Level designer

Value added to the team

  • Background in creating a cohesive visual language guide.

  • My prior AI work facilitated improved communication with the tech team, resulting in breakthroughs for VR system.

  • My involvement in a parkour-intensive game equipped my to establish suitable parkour metrics for AC Nexus VR.


  • Modeled level blockout for multiple levels and different modes.

  • Created unique parkour guideline based on Assassin’s Creed's franchise for VR.

  • Collaborated with level artist, programmers, sound designers, narrative and game designers to get polished levels.

  • Designed a historically accurate ambient AI system.

  • Designing, iterating, and implementing open map activities.

  • Mission scripting levels and puzzle design.

  • Helped develop and integrate engaging voice overs for ambient world AI.

  • Balancing combat and open map activities.

  • Iterated based on the player's feedback to create well balanced missions.

  • Created several encounter arenas for different enemy types.





Level design & Mission design

Level creation

  • Block out of level

  • Unique VR experience

  • Have Combat, Puzzle, and parkour in one level

  • Balance difficulty of the mission


  • Climb and parkour everywhere as you choose how to achieve your objectives.

  • Created parkour that is true to Assassin's Creed but works well in VR.

  • Designing 360 parkour navigation for exploration

  • Creating flow and player freedom-based parkour

  • Worked with tech and art to match parkour based on the correct setting

Stealth and combat

Living World

Nexus is an open map game, meaning there are large areas accessible to the player where the player is free to roam and explore as they wish.​

The aim was to create a world full of life with NPCs to make each setting feel more lived-in and believable.

  • Living world to justify the Narrative context for the mission space.

  • Streets and alleyways should feel life-like and need to justify the location context.

  • Bulk system setup and smart object setup

  • Street Density Setup/Flow 

  • NPC Configuration and Type Setup

  • Make the world feel alive with possibilities 

  • Encourage the Player to explore the Historical Settings

Open Map Activities

The open-map content in the non-mission areas encourages the player to explore the less-trodden areas of the level. 

  • Created RLD to show progression through the game

  • Iterated on locations and making it accessible for all players



​Historical Trivia.

  • Learning made fun.​

  • Virtual Time Machine

  • It gives the player a reason to explore the environment and spend more time in it

  • It gives the player the opportunity to learn more about the real-world location


​Timed Parkour Challenge.​​

  • Core AC Pillar now in VR​​

  • Mastery of Parkour in VR​​

  • Different Locomotion Modes​

  • It challenge players navigation skills which give them a reason to explore the environment. 


Timed Shooting Challenge.​​

  • Mastery of Ranged Combat in VR​​

  • Developing Spatial Awareness​

  • It challenges the Player's accuracy, precision and timing with ranged weaponry

  • Carnival Style Activity​​


Technical Climbing Challenge.

  • Climb Challenge

  • The Assassin Fantasy

  • It gives the player a reason to explore the environment and spend more time in it

Restricted zones

​​Small pockets of enemy presence, present the Player with a micro sandbox to play around in. 

  • Open-ended stealth/Combat challenges ​

  • Risk-reward gameplay for the player​​

  • Open combat practice for the player

  • Reward the player with a refill of ammo

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