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Junior Level Designer
AI scripter
  1. LEVEL DESIGN - Worked with a level designer mentor to create levels from Whitebox to the finale 

  2. AI BEHAVIOUR- Championed AI integration in the game.

  3. VISUAL LANGUAGE- Collaborated with the art director and game designer to create a unique Visual Language unique to POP franchise

  4. COLLISION DESIGN- Created collision for complex 3D levels and environments using 3DS Max, keeping smooth player experience in mind.
    Helped develop level design metrics for different collision setups in the game.

  5. PARKOUR - Worked with environment artists, encounter designers, combat designers, and system designers to maintain the intended level design, enforce necessary metrics throughout the game, and deliver an amazing experience for our players.
    Helped optimize the collision workflow for the breakables team.

  6. ENCOUNTER DESIGN - Created several prototype encounter arenas for different enemy types using level design metrics for encounters. A few of these arenas are now part of the game.

Game Screenshots​
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